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Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for the Purpose of District Improvement

In the fall of 2017, Cheney Public Schools adopted a District Improvement Plan designed to strengthen our practices across all aspects of education in such a way that each and every student in attendance at our schools has access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum.  Our plan spans five years and focuses our attention on working in Professional Learning Communities to address academics, social and emotional learning, and community and family engagement.  The link below provides access to the plan in detail.  Additional links are examples of resources staff have used in the beginning stages of our work to help define the practice of engaging in true Professional Learning Communities.  

Currently staff in our district are working to answer the first of four questions essential to the work of Professional Learning Communities:

1.  What specifically do we expect all students to learn? (Standards)

Being clear across our district about what we want all students to learn will allow us to answer subsequent questions:

2.  How will we know when each student has learned? (Assessment)

3.  How will we respond when students experience difficulty learning? (Intervention)

4.  How will we respond when students demonstrate they have learned? (Extension)