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Transporting the Future,
Safely and Professionally!

Transportation Services
2736 N. 6th Street
Cheney, WA 99004
Phone: (509 559-4523

Cheney Public Schools provides transportation for K-12 students who live outside the suggested walk area for their assigned school. The Transportation Department is committed to transporting students safely and professionally to and from school and activities to optimize their educational experience.

Here are a few reminders for all of our bus riders:

  • Students must be at their assigned bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Find a safe place to wait for the bus away from traffic and the street.
  • When being dropped off, students should exit the bus and walk 10 giant steps away from the bus. If crossing the road after leaving the bus or in the morning crossing to get on the bus, always wait for the driver to signal for you to cross. Keep a safe distance between you and the bus.
  • Do not start to board the bus until the driver gives you the signal that it is okay to approach the bus.
  • Be aware of the street traffic around you.
  • Once you are on the bus, remain seated and follow the driver's instructions. 
  • Please refer to the School Bus Rules for a complete list of the district's transportation rules.

All kindergarten students MUST have an adult or approved person waiting for them at the bus stop after school. If no one is waiting, they will be returned to their school.

We cannot transport students on buses they are not registered on, and schools will not issue bus passes. Students can only ride on the route they are assigned to.