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Family Income Survey

Betz, Salnave, Sunset, Snowdon, Windsor, CMS, WMS and TSHS qualified for the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) which allows school districts to provide meals to these schools at no cost. The State Legislature passed House Bill 1878, requiring Local Education Agencies to increase school participation in the Community Eligibility Provision.

Families are asked to complete the below Family Income Survey. The survey provides information to the state to be able to maintain CEP eligibility.

If you have students that attend non-CEP (CHS, WIN, and HomeWorks!) schools, you need to submit one Family Income Survey and one Benefits Application per household.

TSHS, CMS and WMS students may qualify for additional reduced fees, Nutrition Services must first obtain a Family Income Survey AND Parental Consent Survey.

Each student will need an individual Parental Consent Survey submitted.

Family Income Survey