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Pesticide Information

Pesticide Notice

We exercise great caution in pesticide or herbicide use in our buildings or grounds. Should any be required, we comply with the law regarding 48-hour notice, posting the scheduled pesticide or herbicide use on the property. We always try to complete work on Friday evenings when buildings will be empty for the weekend. Records of pesticide use are maintained in the Maintenance Department. 

In keeping with our Integrated Pest Management plan, we do not have scheduled times when we spray for pests; it is on a need basis only, thereby greatly limiting the hazards associated with pesticides. The need is measured against the hazard the pest is creating.

Chemical applications of pesticides or herbicides in the Cheney Public Schools district usually occur when school is not in session. However, on occasion, when other pest controls are ineffective, chemicals are used to prevent the costs and hazards associated with insects, rodents, or noxious weeds. When chemicals are used during school sessions, the treated areas are clearly marked, and notification is posted in each school office.

If you are sensitive to pesticides and want to be added to the Washington State Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Sensitivity Registry, please click here. More information about how to qualify and register is available on the WSDA's website.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact