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Building & Classroom Safety

We are required by Spokane County Health, Local Fire Marshall's, the EPA and our insurance carrier to follow certain guidelines, rules and laws. All of these rules are designed to protect students, staff and our buildings. Everyone’s safety is always our number one concern. 

Below please find what can safely be in our buildings and classrooms:

  • All classrooms can have one working lamp for a reading corner or decoration. You can have more than one lamp but only one may be plugged in at a time. All lamps must be UL listed and marked UL. Always stay with the recommended bulb wattage to avoid fire hazard.
  • Classrooms can have one floor rug but it must be cared for by the teacher.
  • All kindergartens, preschools, self-contained classrooms or classrooms with a documented medical condition may have a counter mounted refrigerator.
  • You may have cleaners that are district provided and all cleaners must be kept in a locked area. 

What we cannot have in classrooms to maintain a safe environment:

  • Coffee makers outside of staff rooms  
  • Candles or open flame – without a fireman standing by (ceremonies)
  • Hot plates - Fire Hazard                                                                                                              
  • Heated potpourri   - Fire Hazard                                                                                                 
  • Scented or not -Melted wax pots - Fire Hazard
  • Toasters - Fire Hazard
  • Toaster ovens - Fire Hazard
  • Any personal appliance without documented medical needs
  • Microwaves – exceptions are self-contained classrooms and staff rooms
  • Refrigerators – exceptions are preschool, kindergarten, self-contained classrooms or classrooms with documented medical conditions that require refrigeration
  • Lamps not UL listed
  • Cloth furniture or un-washable stuffed toys - Allergies and asthma triggers – lice and bedbugs
  • Plug in air fresheners - electrical hazard - Allergies and asthma triggers
  • Air fresheners – Allergies and asthma triggers
  • Ozone or negative ion air cleaners - creates toxic gas
  • Space Heaters - Fire Hazard