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Employee Leave

Request for Leave Form (.pdf)
Fillable. Complete. Print. Sign/Date. Submit to Supervisor.
Request for Unpaid Leave Form (.pdf)
Fillable. Complete. Print. Sign/Date. Submit to Assistant Superintendent.
Extended Leave
An extended leave of absence is a leave exceeding 5 days. This includes medical, maternity, military, child-rearing, domestic violence, education, and/or unpaid leave. Give at least a 30 days' notice if you know in advance of your need for an extended leave of absence. If you learn of your need for an extended leave less than 30 days ahead of time, request it as soon as possible. 
Extended Leave Request Form (.pdf)
Fillable. Complete. Print. Sign/Date. Submit to HR.
*FMLA leave requires submission of a doctor's note to HR within 15 days.


How to Apply for Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

  • If your leave is medical in nature, you will need to have your physician or practitioner complete the appropriate pages in the Request for Extended Leave packet above and fax back to Human Resources 509-559-4575.
  • Your leave will then go through a formal approval process in which you will receive confirmation of approval from Human Resources. 

How to Apply for Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)

Beginning January 1, 2020, you can apply for paid leave benefits online through the Employment Security Department's Paid Family & Medical Leave webpage. Filing a claim for paid leave benefits with ESD is a separate process from taking an extended leave of absence with the District. Even when an employee has submitted medical or other documentation to support their need for an extended leave of absence from the District, the ESD will ask for documentation to support their claim for paid benefits.
For all leaves except birth or placement of a child, there is a 7-day waiting period before an employee will be eligible for PFML benefits. Individuals have 12 months from the date of a child's birth or placement (foster or adoption) to take family leave.
PFML Guide:


Employee Benefits

Taking a leave of absence, in some instances, may cause a termination of your health insurance benefits. If your benefits end, and your leave is longer than 30 days, you will need to re-enroll in SEBB through your SEBB My Account to reinstate your benefits.

Employee Pay

A paid leave will draw down your accrued leave balance(s). Depending on the length of an unpaid leave, you may not receive a paycheck until you return to active employment. For an estimate on how an unpaid leave will effect your pay, contact our Human Resources Specialist 509-559-4539.