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Symptoms, Illness, and Quarantine

What do I do if my child/myself (staff member) is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19?
  • See Page 1 on the DOH Flowchart here.
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 may include:
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fever of 100.4 or higher or a sense of having a fever
    • Sore throat
    • Chills
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Nausea/ vomiting/ diarrhea
    • Congestion/ runny nose
    • Unusual fatigue
    • Headache
What do I do if my child/myself (staff member) is exposed to COVID-19? 
What do I do if my child/myself (staff member) tests positive for COVID-19?
DOH Requirement: A student, child, or staff who tests positive for COVID-19 is required to isolate at home, regardless of vaccination status. The isolation period is 10 full days from the start of symptoms or the date of positive test. 
  • The individual may return to school/care after 5 full days of isolation if:
    • Their symptoms have improved or they are asymptomatic, AND
      • They are without a fever for the past 24 hours without use of fever-reducing medications.
        • AND IF returning to school/care days 6-10, the individual is required to:
          • Wear a well-fitted mask or face shield with a drape during days 6-10 of their isolation period, consistent with CDC guidance, OR
          • Test negative with an antigen or at-home test any day after day 5 before returning without a mask. Testing beyond day 10 is not necessary.
If the individual is not able to wear a well-fitted mask or face shield with a drape, AND does not test negative, they are required to continue isolating through the end of their isolation period.
More information for those in quarantine or home isolation:
  • Contact your child's school so that they can help determine work that may be done from home.
  • Please continue to report your student’s absence on the attendance line at their school to provide updates on the status of your child or report if they have seen a health care provider.