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Perceptions of Reality Exhibit

The EWU Downtown Student Gallery will be opening an exhibit, titled Perceptions of Reality, on January 15 that is entirely composed of middle school student art.  The pieces, created by 6-8 graders from Cheney and Westwood Middle Schools, will be on display from January 15 to March 11.  There is a reception scheduled for January 17, from 4:30-6:00 pm. The exhibit includes a variety of student art, but is centered around the idea that each piece is a unique statement on how this remarkable age group sees the world around them.  Middle school art is about learning to see the world like an artist, but it is also about learning to express one’s own reality through a visual medium.  One piece of art in particular brought these ideas into focus for me.  Attached is a drawing of Westwood Middle School by seventh grader Caleb Hummel.  He titled it, You know what . . He just left., and wrote the following artist statement.  “The meaning of my title is how I see the picture inside the paper.  It is what it might look like after I leave this beloved school.  When I’m done with my year in eighth grade, I want to let newcomers know, ‘Cherish your life.  Live your life the way you want.  Be a person people can count on because we all want to help people.’”