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Extemporaneous Speaking and Job Interviews

CHS FFA student Channa Cansler wrote:


December 12th, the Cheney FFA chapter took 5 kids to the sub-district Extemporaneous Speaking and Employment Skills contest at Medical Lake High School.  Caitlin Cunningham, Talon Hutton, and Walker Ross participated in the Employment Skills contest. And in Ag Issues where Hanne Hammel, And Tanner Gerdes participated in extemporaneous speaking. The whole point of Job interview is exactly what it says. The goal is to show off those fancy employee skills  not only in speaking but also in paper work which includes your resume, Application and cover letter with the extra of how you where to thank your possible future employer. This allows for kids to prepare for their future opportunities in the working field. On the other hand. For extemporaneous speaking, the goal was to explain a topic that had to do with agriculture and do it all within 4 to 6 minutes without somehow deducting time off of your presentation and managing full eye contact with all 4 judges while speaking with a presentation voice. With the knowledge of knowing all of these tasks and goals through your presentation, one of Cheney’s FFA members, Tanner Gerdes, placed as an alternate for Extemporaneous speaking.