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The Cheney School District choice window runs from February 1st to March 29th. All choice families need to participate. 

Please review our Choice Process form for more information. 

Choice Process Contact Information:

  • In-District Choice: Catheleen Scott at 509-559-4591
  • Out-of-District Choice: Carla Hudson at 509-559-4524
  • For all other inquiries: Kelly Niccolls at 509-559-4559


In-District Choice


In-District Choice Request               In-District Choice Renewal


When will I know if my new in-district choice application has been approved?

All families that submitted a new in-district choice application during the preferred window will be informed of their application status by the end of May. 

If my new in-district choice application is not approved in May, what happens with my application status?

You will be put on the waitlist. You will be notified of any possible openings in mid-September. 

When our in-district choice application is accepted is that for one year only, or ongoing?

Once your in-district application is approved your choice enrollment will be ongoing unless you notify your desire to discontinue your choice placement

Is the choice renewal form a new application each year?

No, once your in-district choice application is approved, your choice enrollment will be ongoing unless you notify your desire to discontinue your choice placement. The district requires a renewal form annually to indicate intent to continue with your current choice school or to notify the district that you no longer want to continue with your choice school.

Why do currently placed choice students submit a renewal form?

This informs us your intent to continue or allows you to inform us you no longer want to continue with your choice enrollment for the following school year. This intent notification supports our ability to have correct student counts at each school for staffing and enrollment decisions. 

Do all schools accept the same amount of choice students?

No. Choice enrollment is dependent on space availability. Some schools have very limited space due to high neighborhood enrollment and some schools have more space. Please reference the school chart to know the enrollment impacts for schools you want to choice into. 

What happens if I submit a choice application after March 31?

Your application will be considered after the preferred window applications and delay any notifications of placement/waitlist to mid- September or later. 

Can my choice student continue to take district buses to and from school?

No, if a student attends a school other than their neighborhood school, their family is responsible for transportation to and from school.


Out-of-District Choice

Inter-District Transfer forms can be submitted online by using the Choice Transfer Request Portal (CTRP)

To submit your choice request online, click the Choice button below:


To submit your choice request via paper, please complete the form below:

Out-of-District Choice Form