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Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP)


What is MAP about?  
MAP is an individual student-centered assessment of achievement and growth. It provides information about a student’s instructional level in reading and math. This tool allows Cheney School District to understand how well students are learning and understand how to better meet student needs. Computer adaptive testing uses each student response to determine the difficulty of the next question. This provides a unique test experience to each student and yields accurate measurement of achievement. Additionally, MAP is helpful in predicting student achievement on SBA and ACT.


Teacher's Guide to MPG/MAP placement is at the lower portion of the 2016-2017 Leveling update. 

What test do students take when?

  • MPG is the MAP for Primary Grades – Kindergarten and First Grade students use this test
  • Map 2-5 is the elementary test – Second through Fifth Grade students use this test, few students with team-documented and parent communicated plans will use the MPG
  • MAP 6+ is the middle grade test – Sixth through Eighth Grade students will use this test, few students enrolled in Algebra or Geometry will take the End of Course test associated with their course
  • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II tests are high school level tests – few students will use these tests as determined by program requirements and/or team goals
  • Skills checklist tests are available for screening, progress monitoring, and diagnostic work. Use of these tests are determined by teachers or teacher teams. 

What does MAP tell a teacher?

  • Prediction of achievement on SBA and ACT
  • How much growth is typical of an individual student
  • Current achievement level reported by RIT score and percentile
  • How much growth a student has achieved between two seasons of the school year
  • Current topics that a student is ready to learn and what to teach next

How does MAP change as a student progresses?

  • There are several levels of tests that focus on developmentally appropriate items as students grow and change through elementary, middle, and high school
  • The test a student engages in is determined by their current grade level. Some exceptions will require a team decision based on evidence of appropriateness of alternate test placement.



Getting Started Training Videos

Videos to Use with Students Before Testing

Directions for Administration

This includes a required script with imbedded step by step directions for opening and running a test session. 

You will also find a video tutorial for starting MAP on Chromebooks.

Proctor Computer Login

Proctor Tips and Troubleshooting

This will help you solve many common, easy-to-solve issues when proctoring the MAP Assessment.



Benefits of MAP Reports for Teachers – 3 minute video

Quick References

  • Overview of all reports available - See MAP Reports Summary below
  • Detailed breakdown of student progress report - Student Progress Report Explained below
  • See MAP Leveling with Transition Guidance below