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District Common Assessments

Cheney Public Schools conducts a variety of Common Assessments in various content areas throughout the year. These assessments do for classroom teachers what our large-scale, state-mandated assessments of learning cannot. Our Common Assessments have been collaboratively designed by teachers at each grade level and content area to assess the particular standards that are their current focus. Assessments are updated as needed to better align to standards and/or inform instruction.

Common Assessment Administration and Analysis Process:

  1. Teachers administer Common Assessments during an agreed-upon window of time
  2. Teachers collaboratively score the assessments
  3. Teachers analyze the assessment results and discuss ways to achieve improvements in student learning

Cheney Public Schools strives to ensure that Common Assessments align well to large-scale assessments. These efforts mean that there is definitely some predictive value as to the how well students will be prepared for state assessments. Our Common Assessments are vital to improving teaching and learning in our district.

The following are the District Common Assessments created by our teaching staff and administered to our students three times per year*:

  • Science Common Assessments: Grades 3-8
  • Math Common Assessments: Grades K-8
  • English Language Arts: Grades K-12

*Please visit each curriculum area’s web site for more detailed information and access to Common Assessments.

Resources for Common Assessment Analysis