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  • Welcome to Westwood Middle School
    Home of the Wolverines
    Pride in Ourselves
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  •          Sonja Blomdahl’s Artwork Dedication for Westwood
    October 22, 6pm
    Cheney School District and the Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA) are thrilled to announce the installation of a new artwork by Sonja Blomdahl. The public is invited to an artwork dedication Wednesday, October 22, 6pm at Westwood Middle School in the front foyer. Dedication Flier
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    We have almost reached our goal of $20,000. Students can continue to collect and submit donations to qualify for the Garland Theatre movie on October 31st until October 17th or when the bus is full.
    Again, we greatly appreciate the support of our community in helping to provide extracurricular opportunities for Westwood Middle School students. Students click here for official pledge sheet Westwood Fund Run Pledge Sheet
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  •                                    STUDENTS GIVE ADVICE
    What better way to be successful in a teacher’s classroom than to get advice from the previous year's students.  Mrs. Hauer has her Advanced 7th graders write advice on the last day of school to her incoming students for the next year.  The new students work together in cooperative communities to read, categorize, and then prioritize what they feel is the most important information to succeed in Advanced Math.  A fun creative way for students to learn how to be successful entering into a new school year and into an advanced class.
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  •                        READING BUDDY PROGRAM
    Sixth grade students from Ms. Yanuszeski’s Language Arts Extension class have partnered with Mrs. Myers’s second graders at Windsor Elementary to be Reading Buddies.
     Reading Buddy programs are a big benefit to both younger and older students who participate by improving self-esteem, reading attitudes, and academic performance.  Sixth graders from Westwood share their favorite authors and assist younger students with context clues, finding main ideas, and determining various literary elements such as setting and character traits.  It’s also very fun!  Students plan to meet a few times each quarter to enjoy great books and
    fine company.
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  •                    Which paper do you think will fall the fastest?
    Mrs. Ferry’s science classes have been learning about the science inquiry process to conduct experiments. Students are posing a scientific question, “What type of paper falls the fastest? Flat, folded, or crumpled?” Students will develop their hypothesis, collect and interpret their data, draw conclusions based on their data, and communicate their findings.
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