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    This year a group of our
    8th grade FBLA students returned from the regional competition wanting to inspire others at Westwood. This group of students were Tyler Hart, Madison Stephens, Navi Nielsen and Avi Anderson. For three months, these students met with possible future FBLA students at lunch times in the library to offer them a preview of FBLA and prepare them for a mini FBLA conference here at Westwood.  Last Friday, May 29th, the mini conference was held after school with seven competitors experiencing a test session and a performance session in the areas of business. The competitors included Crysta Burts, Kaiden Robbins, Sydnie Pacheco, Zachary Pomranky, Mackenzie Hart, Alyssa Gregg and Trinity Bradley. The FBLA advisors from CMS and CHS were here to judge and were so impressed with this student driven conference.  Mr. Smith, the CHS FBLA advisor, stated, "Undoubtedly the single most impressive thing that I have ever seen from any student in my 17 years of teaching. That is beyond just being proud, that was amazing. Those kids have a great future, both in and outside of this club. I was floored at what they pulled off.”  We are so proud of all of these students and want to commend Tayler Hart who directed and organized the Westwood mini conference. Go Wolverines! See Photo
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    On Thursday morning our West Plains Chamber honored one student per school for exemplifying one of the PACE character traits. 8th grade student, Hyrum McCombie, was chosen by Westwood staff for the trait of integrity. His teachers noted that Hyrum honors everyone he meets with a spirit and attitude of sincerity and goodness, and can be depended upon to be honest, conscientious, and responsible. Congratulations Hyrum! See Photo

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    Sixth graders are using the principles of monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, and democracy to select and play music for the class, as a way to experience the various forms of government in ancient Greece that led to the development of democracy.  These skits are a fun and engaging way to explore the differences between direct and representative democracy.  In our first skit, our “monarchs” chose to have the class listen to “Let It Go” from
    Frozen and “Stayin Alive” by the Bee Gees.  Not everyone was pleased! See Photo
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    The students in Ms. Merante’s class have been busy at work learning about motion and forces. They recently completed
      an Arm Wrestling lab where they had to measure various features of their arms and hands to hypothesize which student would be victorious. After 3 matches, the winners were declared! It was a successful lesson in net forces, unbalanced and balanced forces. The students pictured are JT Syme, Erik Garcia and Connor McCormack in the background. See Photo
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    Thursday, the Summit After School Programs from WMS and CMS went to EWU for an exploration field trip. Thanks to the help of the EWU Community Engagement Office and Megan Ford, CHS Site Coordinator, our students received the grand tour of the campus, student life on campus, buildings, and Roos Field.  After a nice snack provided by the EWU Community Engagement Office, the students got to play some games on Roos Field. To end the evening off with a bang, the kids got to share the field and give High Fives to the track and football teams!!! We had some VERY excited kiddos! See Photo


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    This year Mrs. Olson's L.A. classes have focused on the four major instructional areas in the English/Language Arts curriculum:
      reading (both literary and informational), writing, speaking and listening, and language. The reading requirement is emphasized both through textbook work and the independent reading program. The writing and language requirements are addressed through responses to various reading and speaking assignments, plus essays in narrative, explanatory, and argumentative modes. The speaking and listening requirements are implemented through frequent speaking assignments, with the listening component a part of every class period and any presentation to the class.  Every assignment this year has been based on a belief in the importance of communicating clearly and thoroughly regarding all reading and writing. See Photo
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  • Last summer the Westwood Summer Summit program launched a weather balloon which traveled over 75 miles, and reached a height of over 20 miles into the stratosphere.  Watch the onboard video of this incredible learning experience:  http://youtu.be/BHiAZ9zbOJ8
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