Learn more about our School Improvement Plan, which was developed with input from students, staff and our community

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    Our Betz Vikings know how to demonstrate their "CARES" abilities through expected behaviors that are intentionally taught and positively reinforced.

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Safe Schools Alert  
Facility Use  
We are pleased to offer free
WiFi access to members
of our community while
attending functions at
our schools. 
The CHAS Health Center
is now open with medical, dental
and behavioral services, and is
available to all Cheney School
District students and families.
Call 448-8200 to schedule
an appointment. 

Contact Info

317 N. Seventh
Cheney, WA  99004
Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Office: 509-559-4800
Attendance: 509-559-4802
FAX: 509-559-4837
        Carol Lewis
        Christine Buob
PTA President:
        MLinda Holmgren


  • Below you find the forms you will need to fill out for Cross Country.

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  • Cross Country Volunteer From


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  • Cross Country Permission to Participate


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  • Emergency Contact Information


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  • Cross Country Concussion and Insurance Form


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  • Cross Country Assumption of Risk


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  • Please have your students come prepared with all their supplies on the first day of the 2016-17 school year.  These supplies may need to be replenished as the year goes on. 


    We look forward to seeing you soon!


     2016 2017 SCHOOL YEAR



    Backpack large enough to carry a folder

    Small blanket used for rest time;will be sent home in backpack to be washed as needed

    Extra change of clothes that stay at school

    Box of snacks to share/month (if possible)

    Box of facial tissue

    Package of glue sticks

    Baby wipes/diapers (if needed)

    1 Box of paper cups for snack time

    1 Box of color crayons

    1 Box of 8 markers



    Supplies for whole group use - Please do NOT write names on supplies! 


      12 #2 Yellow pencils (Ticonderoga brands preferred but not required)             

      12 Glue sticks

       3 24 count box of  Crayola crayons

       1 Package of wide-tip markers (Crayola brand works best)

       1 Package of fine tip markers (Crayola brand works best)

       1 Box Colored Pencils (Crayola brand works best)

       1 Box of Kleenex

       1 Bottle of Elmers (4 oz) white school glue

       2 Boxes of snack crackers (Must be nut free and processed in a facility that does not process nuts No Cheerios please)

          Backpack big enough to hold 8 ½ x 11 inch folders and snow clothes labeled with name and no wheels please


          *$6.50 for Subscription Magazine   Checks payable to Betz Elementary

           P.E. Shoes



    First Grade

    Supplies will be for whole group use, please do no write names on supplies.


    2  Packages of wide-tip markers (Crayola Brand works great!)

    2   Dozen yellow #2 Pencils-please have pre-sharpened

                                           NO PENCIL SHARPENERS PLEASE

    1   Book bag or Back pack

    1   Pair good scissors (Fiskar brand)      

    1   Pencil Box

    2   Pink eraser

    10 Glue Sticks (more throughout the year)

    1   Box of 24-count  Crayola Crayons (no larger please)

    8   LOW ODOR Dry erase washable markers

    3   Spiral Notebook

    2 Large Boxes of Tissue


    *$6.50 for Subscription Magazine checks payable to Betz Elementary

     P.E. shoes


     Second Grade

      3 Dozen  #2  Pencils or mechanical pencils

      1 erasers     

      1  Box colored pencils

      1  Box of 24 crayons

      1 Box Crayola markers 

      6  LOW ODOR dry erase markers or dry erase crayons

      1  Fiskars scissors (no point)


     2  Glue sticks

      1 package filler paper (college rule)

      2  Spiral notebooks

      2  Bottom pocket folders (plain)

      1 Composition notebook

      1  Pencil box

       1 Pencil pouch 

      1 Backpack

      1  Large box of tissue

      NO pencil sharpeners needed!    


        $6.50 for subscription magazine checks payable to Betz Elementary

        P.E. Shoes



     Third Grade


    1 Pencil Box

    1 1" 3 ring binder

    2  3 hole punched pocket folders

    4 Composition notebooks (1 for World Language)

    1 Spiral Notebook wide ruled

    2 Pkgs loose notebook paper wide ruled

    1 Box of crayons

    1 Box of colored pencils

    1 Box of markers

    4 Red correcting pens (washable)

    4 Highlighters

    1 Wooden ruler ( inches and cm)

    1 pkg pencil top erasers

    8 LOW ODOR Dry-erase markers

    1 Pair of Scissors

    4 Large glue sticks or 12 glue sticks

    2 Large boxes of tissue

    60 #2 pencils

    1  Pencil pouch for binder

    Thumb drive (optional)

    Ear buds


    *$8.50 Fee for Story Works magazine checks payable to Betz Elementary

      P.E. Shoes



    Fourth Grade

      1   Pair Scissors

      1   Big Eraser

      1   Ruler with inch and cm

      1   Protractor

      48  #2 Pencils

      4   Large Glue sticks

      1   Box of crayons 

      1   Box of colored pencils

      1   Pencil Pouch  

      2   Packages of  loose notebook paper

      8   Red pen

      3   Composition notebooks

      8   LOW ODOR dry erase markers
      2   Large Box of Kleenex

      1   Package of washable markers

      3   3 hole punched pocket folders

      2   1 inch 3 ring binders
      4   Highlighters
          Thumb-Drive (Optional)
          Ear Buds (Optional)


       * $ 8.50 for subscription magazine checks payable to Betz Elementary

       P.E. Shoes


    Fifth Grade

    2  Package of loose notebook paper   

      1  Pencil box/pouch

      12  #2 Pencils

      1   Red ink pen

      1   Ruler

      1   Box of crayons

      1   Pair of scissors

      1   Box colored pencils

      1    Package of washable markers

      1   Large box Kleenex

      4   Composition notebooks

      3-4   Glue sticks

      1   Small bottle of white glue

      1   Eraser

      3   LOW ODOR Dry erase markers

      1    Bottom pocket folder


      *$8.50 for magazine subscription checks payable to Betz Elementary

       P.E. Shoes



    Special Education - Resource/Self-Contained

    1   Doz.  #2 pencils

    1   Box of Kleenex

    2   Boxes of crackers

         (Cheese-Its, Gold Fish etc.)

    1   Pink Eraser

    3   LOW ODOR Dry Erase Markers



    Self Contained 

      24 #2 pencils

      1   Box of Kleenex

      3   Pink Erasers

      3 LOW ODOR Dry Erase Markers

         Markers or colored pencils




    DI Classroom

    1 pkg baby wipes

    1 large box Kleenex

    1 Bottle White Glue

    1 Glue Stick

    1 Box of markers

    2 Dry Erase markers

    1 pkg of healthy snacks for YOUR student

    Playdough (any amount appreciated)

    (Pull-Ups if your student uses them) 



    PE Requirements

    Tennis/court shoes


    Winter Snow Requirements

    Hat, Coat, Mittens, Snow Pants, Boots



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  • Betz Resource Fair 2016.pdf


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  • Smarter Balance Assessment Information.

    Click on the links below for more information regarding the state assesments.

    Smarter Balance Parent Fact Sheet

    Parents' Guide to New Assessments in Washington

    Moving Beyond the Bubble

    College and Career Readiness







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