K-5 World Languages Mission

To expose K-5 students in Cheney Public schools to a variety of language and cultural experiences that will give them the ability to speak other languages and function within different cultural settings to meet the increasingly global challenges of the 21st Century.

Research-based Benefits for K-5 World Languages Learning

· Students in well-designed elementary school World Language experiences out-perform their monolingual counterparts on math portions of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. (Saunders, 1998)

· Early language learning enhances listening ability and memory.
(Ratte, 1968; Taylor, 2008)

· Elementary school world language students perform better than their monolingual peers on tests of vocabulary and reading ability.
(Taylor, Feyton, Meros, Nutta, 2008)

Year 1: Spanish           Year 4: Spanish
Year 2: French            Year 5: French
Year 3: German           Year 6: German

A student who attends Cheney Public Schools for their entire K-5 career, will receive two years of exposure to each language.


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