K-5 World Languages Mission

To expose K-5 students in Cheney Public schools to a variety of language and cultural experiences that will give them the ability to speak other languages and function within different cultural settings to meet the increasingly global challenges of the 21st Century.

Research-based Benefits for K-5 World Languages Learning

· Students in well-designed elementary school World Language experiences out-perform their monolingual counterparts on math portions of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. (Saunders, 1998)

· Early language learning enhances listening ability and memory.
(Ratte, 1968; Taylor, 2008)

· Elementary school world language students perform better than their monolingual peers on tests of vocabulary and reading ability.
(Taylor, Feyton, Meros, Nutta, 2008)

Year 1: Spanish           Year 4: Spanish
Year 2: French            Year 5: French
Year 3: German           Year 6: German

A student who attends Cheney Public Schools for their entire K-5 career, will receive two years of exposure to each language.


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Meet Our K-5 World Languages Specialists

Darla Fitzpatrick

Maile McFarland

Darla_Fitzpatrick Hello, my name is Darla Kay Fitzpatrick and I am the new World Languages Specialist for Betz and Sunset Elementary Schools. After teaching for 22 years in Cheney, I am delighted to be part of this new addition to the elementary curriculum. The World Language Program exposes students to new languages, new cultures and supports learning in other subject areas. The students have welcomed this new learning experience with excitement and enthusiasm. For me personally, it is an opportunity to share my travel experiences with young learners and to teach them a little about the global community in which they live.

Maile-McFarland Hello, my name is Maile McFarland.  It is with great excitement that I join Cheney School District this year as World Languages Specialist for Windsor and Salnave Elementary Schools.  As an elementary and Nationally Board Certified Teacher, I recognize the value of the World Languages K-5 program and the enriching opportunities it provides for children.  Through my ten years of teaching and foreign language studies abroad, I learned first-hand how foreign language stimulates brain function and helps in the learning of English and other disciplines.  With this in mind, I am grateful to be part of this innovative and research-based program.  I look forward to fostering a fun and meaningful language experience that enriches children’s knowledge, skills, and curiosity of the world!