Cheney School District Assessments Overview
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How do I use the Digital Library?
Just click on a resource to read about it, then download for immediate and future use! Once educators are registered to access the Digital Library, they will have the ability to view and download hundreds of resources at all grade levels for immediate and future use. The following slides are helpful in learning how to navigate the Digital Library: 
Access State Assessment Practice Resources here.  
Teachers use a variety of classroom assessments to monitor student progress and guide instructional practice. Throughout the school year district and state mandated assessments are used to assess student progress toward achieving grade level expectations. The formal, district, or state mandated assessments are highlighted on our assessment pages and intended for educator use and reference.
  • To access the NWEA (MAP) website for tests Winter 2015 and beyond, click  here
  • To view state test data on the Washington State School Report Card, click here.
  • To access EDS (password required) click here. 
Learn more about the Smarter Balanced Assessment
For the past two years, Cheney School District has been part of the development of a more comprehensive assessment system known as Smarter Balanced Assessments.  There are THREE types of assessment resources provided by Washington State.  Each has a specific focus for informing teachers to support higher student growth.  The Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) has been replaced by the end of year Smarter Balanced Assessment  (SBA).  Our students and teachers are familiar with this testing format given our involvement with the field test last spring.   The Digital Library provides formative assessment supports across grade levels and standards. Interim assessments will be coming online this winter.
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      SBAC Portal for Training and Practice tests   Practice Test


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   Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment Practice 
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