Cheney Elementary Highly Capable Program
Program Description
The Cheney elementary highly capable program is a full inclusion model.  This means students are serviced in their regular classrooms.  A specialist acts as a consultant to the classroom teacher and aids in meeting the needs of identified learners.  For each identified student, a student learning plan (SLP) is developed at the beginning of each school year and is revisited during each conference.  The purpose of the SLP is to ensure identified children receive the services necessary to facilitate academic growth.
In addition, enrichment opportunities are made available through the schools.  Please explore the links below to learn more about current enrichment options.
There is new organization that is designed to provide resources and support to educators and parents of gifted students.  Prodigy Northwest plans to make this information easily accessible through their Facebook page, monthly newsletter, and website at  Take a look!
Learning, Enrichment, and Achievement Program (LEAP):  LEAP Pamphlet 2011