Healthy Choices

Kristi Thurston
Director, Student Support Services 
12414 S Andrus Rd,  Cheney, WA  99004
Phone: 509.559.4507     FAX: 509.559.4517
Betsy Bertelsen, RN  (Serving Windsor & WMS)
Phone:  509.220-5562
email:  bbertelsen
Lorri Kempffer, RN (Serving Betz & Salnave)
Phone:  509-879-6641
Allison Hahn, RN (Serving CHS, TSHS & Homeworks!)
Phone: 509-342-0490
email: ahahn
Alicia Low, RN (Serving Sunset & Snowdon)
Phone: 509-342-5938
email: alow
Samantha Petrina, RN (Serving CMS)
Phone: 559-4411
email: spetrina
The goal of School Health Services is to ensure that students are able to achieve their full potential using a systematic approach to preventive health care.
Cheney Public Schools employs full time certificated nurses who supervise and provide training to health aides assigned to provide health services to children at each school site.
The health services include, but are not limited to:
  • Assessment, management and referral of students with special health care needs;
  • Direct care of students and staff with acute care needs;
  • Provide care to students via Section 504 Accomodation plans.
  • Ongoing assessment of health services needs for staff and students;
  • Training and supervision of health aides and LPNs, including medication and treatment administration;
  • Prevention based health education for groups and individuals;
  • Annual vision and hearing screening;
  • Health policy and program planning.