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Jessica Deutsch, Volunteer Coordinator 

Please email me for a list of up to date volunteer opportunities! 

give 5

Give 5 is a volunteer program with the Cheney School District.   Community volunteers, such as businesses, retirees, college students and etc. are committing  to ONLY 5 hours of volunteer service per school year! 

What can you do in 5 hours? Care, commit, listen, be a positive role model, provide one-on-one support, the list can go on and on.  What may mean very little to you can mean the world to a child.

Call or email Jessica Deutsch at 509-342-0747, jdeutsch@cheneysd.org to sign up your club, business or friends!
Print Volunteer Clearance Application Here Please fill out completely and return to any Cheney School office, please bring your drivers license as well.