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    Posted by Caleb Kenison at 9/15/2013

    • What can be done to improve my son/daughter’s grade?
      • I do not give extra credit.  Students can do any missing assignments and retake any tests or quizzes.  In order to retake any tests or quizzes students must first correct their mistakes and come in at lunch (or before school) to go over their mistakes with me.  After doing that they can earn some of the points on the test or quiz back.  If that is still not a desirable score they can retake a similar test or quiz for up to full credit.  
    • My son/daughter swears they turned in this assignment.  Why is it not showing in the grade book?
      • The most likely reason for this to occur is that it was handed in without a name on it.  Your son or daughter can look for it in the left hand side of the folder of papers to be passed back for their class period. 
    • My son/daughter turned in a missing assignment 2 days ago why is it not in the grade-book? 
      • Any assignment that is turned in after the original due date is put into my past due box.  It is my habit to bring home that box and enter in grades on the weekend.  Immediately following entering in the past due work, I send an emailed skyward report home with the most up-to-date grades.
    • Why is my son/daughter getting an A in math extension and does not have an A in Algebra or Math-8?
      • Math extension is graded mostly on a participation basis.  All math content grades will be in their math class grade.  If your son/daughter is getting an A in math extension they are doing all that is asked of them and being an active member of the classroom.  If their math grade is not similar to their extension grade they may need extra help to grasp some of the concepts we are learning in their regular math class.

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